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Count Your Thumbtacks, Name Them 1x1

Count Your Thumbtacks, Name Them 1x1

I love to travel. Not that I am an avid-traveler or even a frequent one, but every year, I take at least one trip away. I've always considered purchasing a world map with thumbtacks to visually track my travels but never bought one. Why? Because I felt that I would habitually look at the map and get sad about it. 

“Hundreds of countries and I’ve only traveled this much?!” 

Gratitude for life isn't something I embrace naturally. My first instinct is to wonder how little I have accomplished. Not just in travel but also in career, life, friends, etc. Thankfully, I don't live based on my first instincts, because it's a stressful existence! 

Life is forcing me to take a step back and count my thumbtacks. First of all, I have a map! That is already a step up! Second, I have multiple thumbtacks and they are spread all over the world!

I realize what I'm doing. I am expecting my future self to be a certain 'me' and when life isn't driving down the path I want, I get upset. Is that just me? 

Am I the only one asking myself “Are you kidding me right now?”

Everyone befriends humility in their own way. To say that I have seen three oceans in less than three decades is a huge deal—almost 66% of this entire planet—is how I humble myself. Where there is a life lived, there are always accomplishments.

Every accomplishment is a thumbtack of success.

I am so very grateful for what I have been given, for where I've been sent, and for whom I've met. It's a new year. Here's to new thumbtacks and a heart full of gratitude!

Not pictured: Dubai, UAE. Brussels, Belgium. Bangalore/Shimla/Amritsar/ New Delhi/Kerala, India. Rome/Sorrento/Cinque Terre/Sicily, Italy. Boston, MA. St.Louis, MO. Orlando, FL. Las Vegas, NV. And many others!


My Broken Shellfish Shell

My Broken Shellfish Shell

Decisions. Decisions.

Decisions. Decisions.