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Our 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Adoption

Our 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Adoption

If you hadn't heard, we are adopting

It’s already begun. I am clothing my child like a designer. 

It’s already begun. I am clothing my child like a designer. 

What happened after my last post was the most amazing thing! Our community rose up from every corner of our lives to join together in excitement. An army of family and friends that have chosen to pour out all of their love and prayers over our family. It can never be replaced!

Along the way, there were quite a few questions about the process. We welcome the questions and want to share this unique journey with you all. 

Adopting a child is not easy, but it isn't impossible. It takes planning, preparation and prayer, like everything else in life.

1. Are you adopting from the U.S.?
Yes. Private Domestic is the term used in the industry. Through consultants that work with multiple adoption agencies nationwide.

2. Do you know what race/gender/age your baby will be?
Not yet, but we have given a range of criteria for which we are open.

3. What is the process?
Gather documents, request reference letters, complete a full physical, create a profile book, get criminal checks, complete applications, conduct home study, turn in all documents and get matched. That’s the short answer.

3. Where are you in this process?
We've passed our home study and All our paperwork is approved.

4. What is a Home Study?
An interview that helps the agencies determine whether you are capable and ready to raise a child.

5. What is a profile book?
It is an important tool in the matching process, showcasing the family's dynamics.

6. Is the whole process daunting?
It was but once we understood the process, it became a matter of managing time and expectations. 

7. What is the hardest part of all this?
Probably the waiting but having a set of great supporters pushing us forward is the most crucial part.

It is a very tedious process but it reveals all the many layers of parenting before ever having a child to hold. We are being refined, humbled and growing in our future roles as parents.

We are learning that we are meant to be caretakers, nurturers and connecters. Or as S would like to say "superheroes.”

The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is Real

Adopting a New Season of Life

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