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Step Down To Earth

Step Down To Earth

Being down-to-Earth is probably one of my biggest pursuits in life. There is a huge value in being real. With friends, family, co-workers and even strangers. 

Like standing in the toilet paper aisle, contemplating which of the 25 different brands is the best, with a fellow shopper. 
Or watching the same TV shows and diving deep into the characters' motives and relating to them with an equally nerdy co-worker.
Or baking a cake for a group of folks without expectations just so they can enjoy a sugar overdose.


I've always wondered why I value this sense of genuineness. Why do I care so much when I sense someone delivering practiced lines rather than being honest in their intentions? Who cares, right? Why can't I just move on?

Recently, I did a devotional for my small group on a Bible verse of my choosing. I was nervous. I wanted to impress everyone. I had this whole concept in my head of how I would make it out-of-the-box, creative and extraordinary. Grand plans. That's what I had. But as the day grew closer, I couldn't get into it. I couldn't make myself sit down and write an outline. For creatives, it's hard to force things into fruition. It has to come from a place of inspiration and passion. I knew I was being blocked.

So, I stopped trying. Three days before, I stopped trying and sat in a state of solitude, closed my eyes, blasted some music...and a thought occurred to me. 

He must increase and I must decrease.

That reminded me who my audience was. They weren't waiting to be impressed nor entertained. They were just waiting to hear something that would touch their hearts. All I had to be was genuine, real and honest. So I was.

I taught on how to be down-to-Earth, as a Christian, because that's what Christ was. He walked among humans with no intentions but to be genuine, real and honest. He connected to hearts. He provoked others to be the same and to do the same. That's what made him such a great candidate for a savior. He knew how to relate to all those around him. 

For crying out loud, He came down to Earth! I would think he's the expert in this field.

That relator aspect rings true to any who claim the role of Christianity. It's often seen as a "holier-than-thou" mentality. But that isn't what Christ taught through the Bible. What he taught was to be chill and NORMAL. To see people for who they really are and show Himself true to them. I think that genuineness is what strikes me the most. Realizing that he loved everyone in unique but equal ways is probably why I am so passionate about genuineness.

It's also probably why I love people-watching (see album below).

Life, in every part—down to the nooks and crannies—has to be valuable. It is a conscious effort to be genuine, real and honest with everyone in your life.

Be for reals.
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