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Releasing My #inspiration

Releasing My #inspiration

It's always amusing watching people's reactions when they learn I am a "creative." Eyebrows rise every time in skepticism or wonder. I've never had anyone not react overtly when I tell them my profession and I'm more than certain no one reacts that way to someone who's a nurse or an engineer (no offense to either career).

In my life's experience, the role of a creative has been far outweighed by most other careers, and I believe it comes from a place of rooted ignorance. I've been mocked, challenged, patronized and discouraged for my choice to pursue this career. Yet it is a guarantee that if these "scorners" were to walk a day in my shoes, most assuredly they would fail.

Being creative entails the art of pursuit and imagination. It means being confident in your abilities and knowing when to stand up for them against harsh criticism. Creativity in art isn't something that can be taught. It is something that is nurtured and flourishes with the right attention.

A sketch I did on a very cold day, last week. 

A sketch I did on a very cold day, last week. 

For me, that pursuit is continual and comes in many forms. Drawing, writing, photography, cooking, baking and painting. But recently, I began to find myself with an unexplainable block against passion, ideas and creation.

Taking control

There's this new fad in today's world of creativity. Thanks to social media (and its many algorithms), feeds are overflowing with "new" work every day from artists who have thousands of followers and "likes." It represents an idea that creating is easy, fast and limitless. Art is now subject to speed.

I began to notice that the pursuit of hashtags were far exceeding the pursuit of imagination. But that didn't mean I was immune to this craze. In fact, I jumped in head-first, in pursuit of attention. I created daily and the integrity of my work began to vanish. I began losing all passion. 

So I took control.

I stopped trying to change my God-given rhythm. Every morning for the past few months, I've been gleaning inspiration in a different way. 

If you look at my Insta feed now (right column), you'll see a true representation of my current life. There's a hefty amount of cake and puppies because that is what life is at the moment (check out my boy, Moose).

But what I have yet to share is my Bible-reading bend. All of my doodling flowing all over the margins of my Bible.

I went back to the times before #inspiration blocked my imagination.

I honed in on the stories of my Creator, studying how intricately he wove the infinite piece of art we call Life. His role as a creator has produced an understanding of how valuable creatives are to the world. 

From temples to arks to musicians and choirs, he appointed and anointed individuals with inspiration and creativity. It is a solid reminder that choosing this profession wasn't the result of a silly pastime. It came from a place of understanding that my greatest skill is God-given and driven. Its words are a continual lesson in time management, innovation and originality. 

So I find myself drawing more, now. Discovering new ways to draw old words. Finding more excuses to fill empty margins with doodles of life.




Goodbye, Chyna Bear.

Goodbye, Chyna Bear.

Paw-sitive Vibes

Paw-sitive Vibes