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Paw-sitive Vibes

Paw-sitive Vibes

Life got a bit hectic the last few weeks with a life-altering addition to our family.

Meet Moose.


We've had him for 3 weeks and it has been an adjustment.

Moose is needy, dependent, whiny and rambunctious. He is a ball of energy and loves to bite. I could keep complaining about all the disruptions he has introduced into my life, but I can't. Because he is so much fun and has brought an unforeseen joy into our lives.

We were a little nervous bringing him into our home, with an older German Shepherd rescue who is fearfully wary of other dogs. She's always been our quiet, chill, anti-social Chyna (she was already named). Never one to fetch, play or dig. We've never seen her run around with a dog or wag a tail around ones that bark.

So imagine our surprise as we watched Chyna slowly warming up to Moose, in the most canine of ways. She has taken on the unbelievable role of a mother, training him and teaching him all the ways of our household. 

She has blossomed in her old age and given meaning to the words "the changing of a leopard's spots." 

Moose has become her fur baby and she looks forward to his kisses, every day.

It is a testament of how love works. She has come to understand and tolerate him. When he is too hyper, she knows how to play with him long enough to calm him down. For a dog that never liked to share, she drinks water from his bowl and they eat together. For a dog that never pooped around other dogs, she now synchronizes her poop sessions with Moose. They bark at each other, roll around together and chase each other!

Trust can go a long way. It was all a matter of her trusting Moose's pure intentions of love. When she embraced it, she realized she had found a wonderful brother.

Here's to a family full of love, life and laughter!

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